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Canyoning with Beezra Activities near Cardiff, South Wales is the perfect choice for your stag do. Their experienced, qualified instructors will provide you with the necessary equipment and guidance to make your canyoning experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. Enjoy the great outdoors and take on the thrilling rapids and waterfalls of South Wales’ stunning canyons. Quote "CSD5" for a 5% discount on bookings.



 Kayaking experiences near Cardiff. Beezra Activities team of experienced kayakers will take you on a thrilling adventure along the canal, providing you with an unforgettable experience. Come join in and discover the wonders of Wales. Quote "CSD5" for a 5% discount on bookings.

Bunkers Golf

We recommend  Bunkers golf as a sure fire hit with stag parties. They create a fun atmosphere for playing crazy golf. 

Golden Padlock

Break Out Live Swansea

Break Out Live Swansea is an escape room experience like no other. From a thrilling heist to a mysterious murder, you’ll have to use your wit to solve the puzzles and make it out before time runs out.

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